January 30, 2020

The police will have to pay Google to access your data.

In the course of investigations, the police regularly calls on Google to provide data. To “offset the costs” associated with the procedures that Google has to follow to pass on this information, Google has decided that it will charge for legal data disclosure requests. In its view, this decision by Google is necessary, as it is increasingly being requested. The U.S. police are increasingly calling on Google for data such as mobile location data. Some requests will not be charged The fees paid to it could help Google cover the costs of simultaneous requests, especially as these requests change over […]
August 29, 2018

The Thomson Neo 10, a French netbook for less than 150 dollars

The price of laptops has fallen sharply in recent years. Today, Thomson strikes a blow by proposing a machine sold under the bar of 100 euros and which has, in theory, everything of a real PC. However, is that the case? 99 euros! It is the price of the Thomson Neo 10, a small notebook PC recently released in the retail trade (mainly in mass distribution) and which aims to meet all the needs of everyday life without you getting into trouble with your banker. Of course, for such a price, you can’t expect to have a flagship product under […]